I am a tech expert that can step into any technical position and provide leadership and the ability to execute on a broad range of projects. Mobile apps are allowing people to engage in a more connected, simple, and elegant way of interacting with each other, and I want to build the apps and services to enable that revolution.

I’ve spent the last 12 years working for startups developing large front and back-end systems for providing web services. With a background in system administration, I also understand how to setup and build the underlying servers and infrastructure to support those services. Most recently, I’ve used that technical expertise to implement the business needs of a mobile media startup, researching and negotiating with potential vendors, crafting marketing presentations to showcase both the technical and consumer appeal of our products, and providing an insightful eye in hardware development and interface design. My unique background allows me to look at a project knowing the unique needs and constraints of the business, then dive in and execute on all parts of the plan.

I was a founding employee at a small southern California ISP, deploying servers and routers, and providing applications and scripts to automate every level of the company’s operations. Following that, I was a senior developer at Digital Path, Inc., one of the largest wireless Internet providers in the United States. I created significant portions of the infrastructure necessary to scale the business while improving reliability, performance, and ease of installation. While there, I developed the system software for all of our wireless hardware, a web interface for easy configuration, diagnosed wireless driver bugs, and single-handedly designed and programmed a comprehensive real-time monitoring system that continues to monitor over 9,000 devices nearly 5 years after my departure.

In the past few years, I’ve worked with serial entrepreneur John Strisower on a variety of endeavors. I built a billing and procedure tracking system for PinPointe Foot Laser that we evaluated for expansion into an enterprise grade SaaS medical post-procedure service. As one of the founding employees at FlixChip, I was a co-inventor of the patented technology for a brand new physical media format enabling tablets and smartphones to watch movies without the need for Internet access. To develop that vision, I aided in the design, testing, and marketing of the hardware, user interface, and packaging for the product. Additionally, I identified and negotiated with vendors to obtain the necessary building blocks to make the product a reality, as well as creating marketing materials and presentations that were used to attract potential business partners and customers.

Through these positions, I’ve developed a high degree of skill in administering Linux systems, MySQL and Oracle database development, programming in C, Perl, PHP, bash, and jQuery / jQuery Mobile, technical writing, presentation, and a comprehensive networking background. With this broad skillset, I can step in and build or advise on any technical challenge a business faces. Additionally, my experience in marketing gives me an ability to bridge the divide between technical and management teams, understanding the different cultures and needs of both.